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Bastion of Insanity

Peace, Tranquility and Random Insanity

Ruanae Ereber
11 July 1984
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I can never think what to write in these things. Anyway, I'm me. Um, yeah, ok, I'm an ex-university student, with a Masters in Astrophysics and Computer Science. At the moment I'm working for a year in the "real world" and then I hope to dive back into University life and hold on with both hands. They'll never take me alive!

The best way of describing me is probably "Alternative" I tend not to fit into any particular catergory. I have interests in (read obsessions with) Dragons, Elves, the Internet, RPGs, Random Mythology, Lord of the Rings, Vampires. Stuff like that.

In terms of actual activities I'm a keen archer and have compted in a fair few competitions. I also am learning sword fighting, mainly two-handed swords but I also know some quarter-staff and sword and buckler. I want to learn sword and dagger as well. There are times when I feel like I was born in the wrong age although I do like computers and technology. So I need some form of technological middle ages, let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

Um I think thats all I'm going to write in this. Unless I happen to write more later.

Peace tranquility and random insanity